Thursday 11 April 2024

Anglocentric Britishness

As previously noted on this website, the Union Flag is front and centre on Labour's campaign literature in England, while in Scotland and Wales the national flags of those nations are prioritised.

David Lammy wrote a piece for The Sun outlining why Labour is proud to fly the Union Flag.
While Lammy's reasons for Labour's flying of the Union Flag are commendable, the article begs three questions: 
  1. Why not use the Union Flag on your campaign literature in Scotland? 
  2. Why is the national flag of England absent from your English local and mayoral election campaign? 
  3. Why isn't your article in The Scottish Sun?
It appears that David Lammy and Labour's Britishness is an Anglocentric Britishness, important in England but less so in Scotland and Wales. One might even say problematic in Scotland and Wales, which is why the Labour Party prefer not to use it in those nations. Whether or not the lack of appeal in Scotland and Wales is down to the Union Flag's Anglocentricity, perhaps compounded by the actions of the Labour Party, is another matter. 

Conversely, it would appear that Labour sees the English flag as being less important, and less of a symbol of pride, than the national flags of Scotland and Wales. This obviously needs to change. To be 'comfortable' with the Scottish Saltire and the Welsh Red Dragon, but uncomfortable with the English Cross of St George, reveals a party ill at ease with the national identity of the majority of its voters.


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