Saturday 30 March 2024

Segmented Branding


As previously noted, the Labour Party has a flag problem, with some Labour MPs rejecting the party's campaign material because it is plastered with Union flags. In light of some of the comments this story has generated, I wanted to say a bit more on this.

One MP 'queried why the party could not use “segmented branding” for different voters'.

In fact, that is exactly what the Labour Party does already. Scottish and Welsh Labour candidates have their own Scottish and Welsh branding for election leaflets, as can be seen on Labour's 2024 branding guidelines (pdf).

There's the 'National' branding.

The Scotland branding.

And the Wales branding.

The keen-eyed among you will have noticed that there is no England branding, which leads me to this quote from a Labour Party spokesman:

“Keir’s changed Labour Party is positive, progressive and patriotic, the Union flag is something we are proud to carry.”

Given the absence of England branding, are we to therefore conclude that Keir's progressive and patriotic Labour Party is not proud of the Cross of St George?

Lord Blunkett derided the MPs who had objected to the flag's use on campaign literature. He told The Telegraph:

“Anyone who thinks in this way has failed to understand that pride in nation is a fundamental tenet of the working class community which the party seeks to represent.

What no one at the Telegraph, or any other paper, thought to ask is, what about England? Is pride in England a fundamental tenet of the working class community which the party seeks to represent?

Over on the platform formerly known as Twitter, Parliamentary Candidate for South Derbyshire, Samantha Niblett [great surname], asked:

Why on earth would we not [fly the Union Flag]? ! It’s ours.

You had better ask your Scottish and Welsh colleagues, Samantha. Or by 'ours' do you mean it belongs to the English? That line of thinking would explain why the Scots and Welsh have their own national branding while the English use the 'National' brand.


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